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Courses for 2017-2018



Autumn Term 2017 Training Opportunities

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Thursday 12th October 2017

9.15am - 3.30pm

Courageous conversations - Communicating with impact

DB Conference Suite, Bury St. Edmunds

£100 per delegate



Friday 29th September

Friday 20th October

Wednesday 11th November


Wednesday 7th March

Network 1- 2/11/17

Network 2- 22/2/18

Network 3- 9/5/18


NQT Induction Program


Day 1- Behaviours for learning, developing relationships and engaging learners.

Day 2- Quality First Teaching in Maths including planning and assessment.

Day 3- Quality First Teaching in English including meeting the needs of all the learners.

Day 4- Quality First Teaching in Foundation Subjects including fitting it all in.

As part of this series you can attend NQT network meetings. There will be a general subject and opportunity to discuss general practice, share ideas. These will rotate round schools to see good practice 4.00-5.15 drop in

Trinity Primary School, Stowmarket

£120 per day or

£400 per delegate or £600 for 2 NQT’s from the same school for the complete package.

New to Headship

Session 1 27/9/17

Session 2 23/11/17

Session 3 12/1/18

Session 4 9/3/18

What others had said about the course…

‘An amazingly supportive learning process. A saving grace in a full time role!'

'This has been the most useful of all induction training. It has enabled me  to reflect on all stages of my first year and has directly impacted on my practice. Forming professional relationship with other first time heads has been strongly fostered by the delivery and style of the sessions.'

'This 4 day course has been a lifeline in my 1st year as HT. Please consider offering this course to future HT's so that they also feel the benefit and have this support.'

'Brilliant support and essential to have that network to discuss school life in a 'safe' environment.'

New to Headship

Session 1 – Vision

• Shaping the vision

• Curriculum design, values and principles – living the vision through the school reflecting its aims

• Knowing the strengths and areas for development of staff

• Parental partnerships

• Work/life balance – work prioritisation and distributing leadership through making the most of staff

Session 2 – Leading learning

• Culture of learning

• Raising the quality in the classroom

• Monitoring – what effective evidence is

• Key questions when designing systems for observation

• What to do with the evidence – feedback, record it, share it

• How to tackle staff underperformance

Session 3 – Strategic planning

• Long term vision and keeping sight of what is important

• The SEF, School Improvement & Development Plan and the budget – structuring the key documents to support whole school strategic planning

•Understanding your school priorities  

• Managing the unexpected

Session 4 – Continuing leading

  • Data – exploring the sources of information; what to look for in the data and how to use it most effectively to impact on school performance

  • Extending professional relationships - partnerships, networks of expertise and liaison opportunities that extend the knowledge base of staff and provide access to outstanding practice

  • Managing change and building capacity – staff evolution through CPD. How to get the most out of professional development and provide pathways for career progression

Each session is in a different school to allow for learning walks to talk place

£400 subsidised by LA so free to attending HT

Tuesday 6th November 4.00 - 6pm

Managing Positive Relationships with Parents


This course is suitable for NQT's and RQT's working within KS1 and KS2 and aims to ;

  • Build positive relationships with parents
  • Learn techniques/approaches to handle difficult or compromising situations.
  • Provide proactive communication and engagement techniques with a range of parents - from the pushy to the reluctant.

Mellis Primary School

£30 per delegate or £50 for 2 from the same school.

Thursday 9th November 4.00 - 5.30pm

Emerging Leaders

So you want to be a senior leader?

Suitable for those moving on from subject leadership.


Session 1 - What makes a great leader?

Session 2 - Leading others.

Session 3 - Holding other to account.

Session 4 - Self evaluation and development planning.

Session 5 - Leadership impact and developing others.


Gislingham Primary School / Wortham Primary School 

£200 per delegate.

Thursday 28th September 2017

9am - 4pm

New to Governor...

Understanding the role of the governor, statutory responsibilities and finance.

Thurston Sixth, Beyton Campus £150 per delegate or £225 for 2.

Monday 20th November 2017

9am - 4pm


What is your ASP Telling you?

Spend the day analysing it supported by our knowledgeable facilitators (John and Charlotte Atkinson) who will take you through it page by page.

At the end you will have a clear picture of your school and a plan or action.

Trinity Primary School, Stowmarket £175 per School for up to 2 delegates.

Thursday 11th November 2017

4pm - 5.30pm

I can spell it!

Practical Strategies for teaching spelling.

Gislingham Primary School

£50 per delegate or £75 for 2 from the same school.

Spring Term 2018 Training Opportunities

Click on the course title for more info - bookings email Emma


Tuesday 16th & Wednesday 17th January 2018 9am-4pm


What others have said about this course….


'Fabulous and inspirational!'


'Having the structure, exemplifications and expertise on hand has been exceptionally helpful, useful and reassuring.'


'This training has been invaluable. I'm leaving with a SEF that I am now proud of - happy to share with my Govs/staff and any other visitors. It tells the story of our school and how passionate we are about our children and their outcomes.'


'It has been really great! The support we have had to get the SEF completed is fantastic - it would not have been possible on my own. I had a tricky SEF to write and feel confident I have achieved my aim.'

Write your SEF in 15 hours

Suitable for school LeadershipTeams / Governors This is a two day course with one key priority – you will leave the course at the end of day 2 with a completed self-evaluation.

 Wilby £300 per delegate or £350 for up to 2 from the same school

Monday 22nd January 2017

9am - 4pm

Inspection Dashboard

Understand your data dashboard, what is it telling you and others?

 Sundial Cottage, Wilby £150 per delegate and £175 per School for up to 2 delegates.
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